Protein Pancake

I am sure many of you have heard of the protein pancakes, they are becoming quite the trend lately. I have tried a ton of different recipes, and a lot of them are just too complicated for my liking. When I am food prepping during the week, I like to keep it simple. The protein pancake couldn't get much easier. All you need is:

-1/2 cup oats

-3/4 cup egg whites

-topping of choice

Directions: Ground your oats into a flour, using a blender or a food processor. Then mix egg whites and oats together in a bowl and add your choice of flavor. I have used cinnamon and vanilla extract a lot. Pour the whole mixture into a medium sized pan that you sprayed with Pam, and cook on medium heat. Once your pancake is cooked, top it with whatever you like! I use almond butter!

Nutrition facts (pancake only): 25c/5f/22p 228 calories


Blaine MenkeComment