Paleo Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Icing


Sometimes in life you wake up in the morning after a blissful nights sleep and you hear the birds chirping and the sun is shining through your window and you immediately want lemon cupcakes. Even though you have never craved lemon cupcakes in your whole life. Oh must be the whole pregnancy thing. Citrus has been a constant craving since day 1! It was the first sign I was pregnant. I started wanting orange juice, which is something I could have lived without before. Yesterday was the first day of spring and what makes you more excited about spring than flowers, pastel colors, warm weather, fresh flavors and easter? So...these cupcakes pretty much cover all the bases! Not only that, as per usual they are gluten free and could easily be made vegan (the icing already is!). 

They are mildly sweet and the honey flavor really compliments the lemon zest. I up cycled my favorite icing recipe for my HBD Vegan pumpkin cupcakes and added lemon zest to brighten it up! 

Happy spring, everyone! I hope your life is full of sunshine, and if you need a little extra I think these cupcakes will do the trick! 

With love and a happy tummy,

 the Bump and B

P.s. In other exciting news! I also launched my podcast today with my dear friend and business bestie, Kiley! So, if you are a podcast listener, go check out Misses Ambitious podcast on iTunes! 

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