How I Fix My Hair


You gotta love a random post now and again, and today seemed like a good day to make one! I had a few ladies request a little hair tutorial blog, so I decided to give it a shot! I have been doing my hair like this for as long as I can remember, because you know, why fix somethin' if it ain't broke! haha Anyway, lets get to it! 

My Hair Care Regimen: 

Preface: My hair is naturally curly/wavy, so I do have some natural body to my hair. 

I use Dove Anti-frizz oil therapy shampoo/conditioner/leave in conditioner. I love Dove products and have allergic reactions to many other products. They are great for sensitive skin and people with allergies or psoriasis. 

I have never dyed my hair. Ever. Not even joking. I think that is one reason my hair is healthy. 

I don't cut my hair that often. My mom trims it for me and puts layers in it, or even gives me bangs. My mom is my hair stylist. Oh yeah...and I totally cut my own hair the other all turned out great though! haha

I wash my hair every 3-4 days. In high school I washed it every day and I honestly cannot believe I ever did that looking back! haha 3 days in my average now. I am pretty blessed with hair genetics I think, I just don't have a ton of oil in my hair, and I just use some Batiste in my roots when I need a little assistance! haha

I don't brush my hair very much ( I wan't to lessen breakage)

I have taken prenatal vitamins since I was about 19 years old, so I get lots of great vitamins every day! I also drink over a gallon of water a day, and eat healthy, which I think all contributes to the health of your hair and nails. 

What you need: 

Conair Jumbo Hot Rollers  (you can buy these anywhere, I got mine from wal-mart, but like I said they sell them in a ton of places.)

Blow Dryer: ( I tagged the one I use, it has a lot of power, and its cheap!) Also: Very important that when you blow dry your hair that you don't continuously brush it straight. I just flip my head over and dry it like that. It should like similar to a lions mane by the end! haha

Roller Clips: I know this sounds goofy, but these are KEY! The roller clips that come with any set of rollers is terrible, and these are what I have used since I was in like 5th grade? I don't know, a loooong time! They sell them at Sallys, and they last forever! I linked them, so you can see what I am talking about! 

Hairspray of some sort: I honestly don't think this matters that much, I normally use one with a flexible hold (except for my pageant days haha), and have tried out a ton of different kinds. I like for them to smell good! haha

Pumping powder: I just started using this a few years ago, but it gives the extra volume to your roots and I feel weird when I don't use it now. It takes away some of the need to tease your hair, and it also makes your hair easier to tease (I hope that makes sense)...I'm not usually in to expensive hair stuff, because it has never made a big difference in the health of my hair...but I do love the Big Sexy Hair version of this, and I have tried a few others and not liked them as much. 



Step 1. Start with damp or wet hair. You do no need to let your hair air dry, it completely changes the way the rollers will make your hair look. If you take night showers...wear your hair up to sleep or re-wet it in the morning. This is really important! In the picture below I have damp hair, and you can see that my hair is naturally curly-ish


Step 2: Blow dry your hair with your head flipped over. Brush after hair is completely dry. The picture below is to document the craziness. 


Step 3: After you brush any tangles out of your hair, we shall start rolling the hair! I do mine in three sections. The top 4 rollers, followed by 4 rollers on each side of my head. I roll the first roller in a direction (closest to my forehead) towards my face. The I roll the other three in the opposite direction, which will be rolling your hair under. The first 4 rollers will reach past the crown of your head. 


Step 4: Roll the remaining parts of hair. Split each side of your head into 4 equal sections, so you can use the 4 rollers. I roll all of the rollers UNDER! That is very important with how the finished hair looks. Here is the finished product! Rolling my whole head takes less than 3 minutes (so once you are practiced, it is easy peasy!) P.S. my hubs thinks I look really cute like precious is that? I will never forget the first time he saw me in them! 


Step 5: This is what it looks like after you let the rollers sit in your hair for 5-15 min. I don't ever wait a specific time. It just depends on how long you have. In a perfect world, you would let the rollers cool. But, we don't live in a perfect world! haha Now, dont leave your hair like this! Flip your head over and shake your curls out with your hands. Once you flip your head over, you can flatten them a little if you feel like they are too big for ya! haha


Once the curls are shaken out, I use the pumping powder in my roots. You don't need much. I part my hair a few times so I can get it into a few different places on each side of my part. Then you just rub it in. Pretty common sense! haha


This is just a picture of the pumping powder and a picture of the hairspray I am currently using. 


Here we have the final product!! Total time from blow drying to finish is between 10-20 minutes. Depending on how long you leave the rollers in. I usually make breakfast or make the bed or do something productive while they are cooling, so you aren't really wasting time. On yeah, and I normally only roll it one time between washes. The curls last me until the next time I wash it! 


I hope you enjoyed!!! Let me know if you want to see more posts like this! 



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