Miss Clarke: Week 20

Happy Easter from the Astrike clan! Just another awesome part to this busy and happy week! 

Happy Easter from the Astrike clan! Just another awesome part to this busy and happy week! 

I am officially half way (I am doing these a week behind, so I'm actually 21 weeks haha)! I have been looking forward to this for quite some time now! haha Pregnancy has gone by slow, but also fast...if that makes sense. I feel like she will be here before I know it, but the days go by pretty slow sometimes. 

How do I feel: I feel good mentally and actually had a very very productive week as far as my business goes! But physically, my ribs hurt so bad that it's hard to even put away laundry some days. It's a little frustrating at times. 

Happy of the week: I felt Clarke kick for the first time on the outside of my stomach! The even cooler part is that Logan got to feel it too. Maybe the happiest part of being pregnant so far. 

CRAVINGS: Lemonade! I think its rubbing off on logan too. I don't know why it tastes so dang good! 


Things for Clarke: I got the cutest muslin swaddles and bibs from my momma!! You can get them here! Not to mention, Logan's sisters gave us SOOOOO many clothes from their daughters we couldn't even fit them all in our truck! haha It will be fun to go through them all. Finally: I picked out the rug for her nursery and lots of people went in to get it for me for my first shower! I am pretty excited and it is literally perfect (even though the quality of the picture stinks)! 


Favorite Dinner: I want to share with you guys my most favorite easy meal! It can be thrown together in countless combinations and It is so healthy with little clean up and little prep! For our wedding we got the most awesome roasting pan! It is super big to make room for all of the veggies and meat that I pack on there! I am a huge fan on roasted veggies and I am getting to the point where I really only enjoy my veggies cooked this way. Pre-heat your oven to 400-425 degree. Cut up the veggies of your choice (sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, carrots, etc), pick protein that you like (chicken, sausauge, steak, whatever), Then put some olive oil and desired seasoning on meal and cook for 20-35 minutes depending on what you are cooking and the sizes you cut everything! Boom! Literally the most east and healthy dinner! This week I did some Italian sausage with sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, and Brussel sprouts one night. I did Italian chicken breast, artichokes, sweet onions, and cherry tomatoes another night! Just do what your heart desires! Roasting veggies makes them crisp and caramelized and heavenly! 

Workouts: I felt pretty dang good during my workouts this week, but definitely didn't do enough. I slacked this week and only got in 3-4 days of workouts. Im not going to blame it on anything, the time just got away from me a few days. 

Monday: 45 minutes on the elliptical at a full incline at Logan's parents house (we spent 1/2 the week in Indiana).

Tuesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical at full incline. 100 reps each of fire hydrants, glue kickbacks, 3x1 min plank, 3x20 reps each arm bent over rows, 3x20 reps of spinal balance. The workout took about 50 min total. 

Wednesday: got up early and left IN for MI! The drive takes up most of our day, especially now that I have to take more pee breaks.. I even annoy myself haha. I didn't get a workout it, although I came home and unpacked for 2 hours and cleaned up the house, which felt like a workout! haha

Thursday: I didn't get a real workout in this day either (I had so much work to catch up on and had some client meetings, which take up lots of time)...my only real physical activity was taking the puppies for a 30-40 min walk after dinner. Which was at least something and I would say towards the end of my pregnancy, I will be happy with that. 

Friday: Same as Thursday: took the puppies for a walk after dinner with the hubs. I had a nutrition seminar on Saturday morning and I was working on that ALL day and night! 

Saturday: Fun busy day! My seminar went great! I took a longish nap, and it was date night and Earth day! The hubs built our Garden boxes and I picked out a bunch of plants for the house! I felt like that was a solid way to spend such an important day! We also went to a cool Thai place, and I don't think Clarke likes the smell of curry haha... oh yeah...and I didn't workout other than doing some shoulder and bicep lifts while watching Netflix. 

Sunday: I think I can seriously just say that my workout was the 4 hours of cleaning I did. Walking up and down the steps about a million times was enough to make me need about 50 breaks. 

Thoughts: My workouts sucked this week, but the week was good. There is always next week and Im not going to beat myself up about it! I spent a lot of time with family and accomplished a lot of happy things with my business. I think that's a win-win! 

Weight gain: As of the end of the week I have gained 10-11 pounds total so far! She is really starting to show! 

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