Miss Clarke: Week 38 & 39

Going to dinner with some friends a few days before Clarke was 40 weeks. 

Going to dinner with some friends a few days before Clarke was 40 weeks. 

How I Feel Physically: I honestly feel fine...I am very pregnant, but I think physical therapy has been really helpful. I am still having rib pain, but it is much more bearable and easy to deal with. My therapists really think I will feel quite a bit better when the baby is here and if I'm still having trouble with them when postpartum, I will get a referral again and go back. That's the plan of care we made on my last appointment when I was 39+5. haha

How I Feel Mentally: I feel pretty dang good. Especially the closer I get to my due date. Don't get my wrong, I have felt a little anxious at times, especially at night when we go to bed, but other than that I feel calm and at peace with whatever comes our way. I feel most anxious to just meet her and to know we are both safe and healthy. 

Happy of Week 38: I feel like this is going to be lacking because as I am trying this I don't remember much from that weekend (insert laughing emoji). Here is what I do remember. I went on multiple dates with my precious husband and say some friends. I mostly think the last few weeks have been me having the biggest crush on my hubby ever. We also also bout a deep freezer which is the theme of week 39! haha

Happy of Week 39: I cooked and cooked and cooked to prepare for Clarke. The deep freeze is almost full of crockpot meals, homemade zucchini bread, homemade marinara sauce, and cauliflower mash. I had 2 crockpots going for 4 days straight and I think it will pay off once she gets here. I have a lot of healthy food stocked up for the first few weeks and for emergencies. I went walking with my friend Hanna, which was a nice change of pace from walking with the puppies and my podcasts. I had my last physical therapy appointment before Clarke gets here and I am so thankful for all of the people who worked at the clinic I went to. I really think the past few months were really helpful and I can tell that I have had a better quality of life the last few weeks than I have for most of my entire pregnancy. Which is funny because most people are the most miserable at the end and I feel better than I did when I was in the "magical" 2nd trimester. Logan and I have just been soaking up the last few days (or week) of it just being us, and we have been going out and doing stuff as much as possible. Hanging out with friends, exploring new places, and date nights have been on the agenda as much as possible and of course good movies.  Also: lets talk about how amazing the weather has been in Ann Arbor. It has been so nice that the end of my pregnancy hasn't included hot weather but instead nice breezy weather between 65-75 degrees! 

current deep freeze situation! 

current deep freeze situation! 

Homemade salsa with everything coming from the garden! 

Homemade salsa with everything coming from the garden! 

Cravings: I have just been staying tried and true with frosted flakes. I eat a mug of them almost every day as a snack in the afternoon or before I go to bed. I also bought this fancy paleo cookie dough that has been hitting the spot quite nicely. haha

Things for Clarke: This little peanut doesn't need a thing. For real. Although she is still getting stuff haha. I think the most notable thing in the last few weeks has been some things for her newborn pictures that my mom and Kel are going to take. 

Favorite Dinner: I have been cooking my butt off the last few weeks in order to stock the deep freezer we bought and to prepare healthy meals for when Clarke arrives. The bad thing about that is that I have been freezing it all instead of eating it. haha We have gone out to eat quite a bit lately and my favorite is a Mexican place where we can sit outside and watch the sun set. Its just peaceful and the food is AWESOME! I always order: Grilled chicken (light oil) and a side of mushrooms, onions and beans with no cheese. I also made some awesome cinnamon roll Zucchini bread and homemade marinara sauce and logan made salsa using the stuff from our garden. Pretty awesome! 

Workouts Week 38: I feel good about being active this week. I know its never some epic workout, but at the end of the day, I am pretty dang pregnant and still figuring out how to move every day. I think it helps my case that I live in Michigan and its beautiful here. The weather is never too hot, so I can be outside without swelling up like a balloon! haha

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 30 min PM walk with Fam

Wednesday: 70 min PT + 55 min afternoon walk with puppies

Thursday: 30 min PM walk with fam

Friday: 70 min PT

Saturday: 25 min treadmill walk + Abs + squats + 70 min hike with fam at the Arb on the U of M campus. 

Sunday: Not a normal workout, but did 3 hours of grocery shopping + hours of cooking. I was exhausted by the end of the day. 

Workouts Week 39: This week was operation: walk the baby out. It was the first week of my pregnancy walking felt more difficult/kind of like my insides were falling out on some days haha...but I don't have real hope that any specific thing is going to help her come. She will come eventually or I will have to be induced (which is not my ideal plan)...we will see what this little stinker wants to do. 

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 70 min PT

Wednesday: 35 min PM walk with fam

Thursday: 65 min PM walk with puppies

Friday: 60 min PT + 60 min walk with my friend Hanna

Saturday: OFF and didn't really mean to be. We got caught up doing some stuff at the house and it got too late to go for our walk 


Thoughts of the week: I feel good. To be so close to my due date (and as I am writing this, it is my due date), I feel at peace about when she decides to make her appearance. I look at it this way: I am going to be a parent for the rest of my life and Logan and I only have a few more days together. It is nice to cherish them and not wish that time away. 

Weight gain: My midwife shows me the growth chart every week and I am exactly in the middle of  what the recommendations are for a healthy pregnancy for me. I have gained 29-31 lbs total! Woohoo! The weight gain hasn't been too stressful for me because it has been so gradual. I have steadily gained about a pound a week since the beginning of my second trimester. I will admit though, I am really ready to be back to my normal self and start wearing all the pretty things in my closet again! haha I am also obsessed with all of the fall clothes that are coming out...I have to stop myself from shopping for clothes that don't fit me right now haha

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