My Super-Women

Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination. — Mae Jemison

This blog was going to start off being about how great lifting weights is for women. Not only for your health, but for better sleep, more energy, more confidence. The list goes on. Then, as my brain often does, I got fired up thinking about how capable women are. Before I go any further, this is not a man bashing post, it is just one to empower women. You are powerful, and you are capable and its all a little easier when you have good people by your side. This is for you. 

I know a lot of strong women. My family is full of them, my friends are them, and history teaches us about them. For centuries women have been shaping this world in one way or another. From a very young age I decided to be friends with people who made me better. I wanted to be around people who had really big dreams, and who worked their butts off to get there, no matter what. I want to create a support system of women around me that are there to lift me up when I am feeling weak, and tell me I am capable of anything. 

I have been blessed to have found more than a few people who I can call at the blink of an eye if I am feeling emotional, or need a pep talk, and I would drop anything to return the favor. I think that is the key to my success and I think they would all agree with that. We are all superwoman in our own way and we inspire each other differently. I am going to describe some of the people who lift me up and their own special super power, and see if you have some of the same people in your life!

1. The Confidence Builder: I have one special woman in my life that never hesitates to tell me I am beautiful, that she likes my outfit, or that she thinks I am worthy. It might sound silly that I appreciate this, but in a world were many people want you to fail, its a good feeling.  She knows that complimenting me will never diminish her own beauty. Having someone like her in my life just adds joy. To have someone in your life that is never competing with you, only wishing you well and being vocal about it is important. 

2. The Doc: My BFF that lives out her plans. She will stop at nothing to do what she needs to do, and its contagious. She sets goals, and she crushes them. She doesn't talk about doing things, she just does them. ALL of them. Having her in my life is a blessing. She drives me and talking to her reminds me to throw out any excuses. 

3. My Endurance Junky: The one person I know who is as crazy as I am. There is nothing better than having someone around who understands how your brain works and why you would torture yourself the way you do. Its a very important job and no one can replace a friend like that. Find someone who loves the same things you love. 

4. The Helping Hand: We all have that one person we go to when we need help. I have the greatest friend in this way. She is always there and I will always do everything in my power to return all of the favors. Not only that, she mentally helps too. Always there to understand what its like to never want to work for the MAN. 

5. The HONEST Abe: Hopefully all of your friends are honest, but this is important.  You need that one friend who really sees you and what goes through your mind. One who sits you down and doesn't care if they hurt your feelings a little for the sake of your wellbeing. 

6. My Spiritual Gangster: My friend that I go to when I need someone to pray for me, or when I need to talk about deep stuff. They support you in your walk with Christ and are someone who God put there for that. (Side note: You should try to have a lot of these types of friends). 

7. The Reminder: Your friend who put life into perspective. Who is happy no matter what the situation, who can find a four leaf clover in the desert. We all need someone like this who just brightens your day and reminds you how blessed you are!

8. Comedic Genius: Someone who is just makes you laugh. ALL OF THE TIME. Have someone like that. Trust me. 

9. The wifey: This sounds kind of funny, but you all know what I mean. That person in your life that you cook dinner for make sure had a good day. You just care about their well-being and they care about yours. Everyone needs a wifey. 

This is my girl gang. My people who I have chosen or better God has given me. They are all different, but all strong. We don't have to be the same, look the same, dress the same, or have the same dreams in order to influence people in our lives in a positive way. So, if you don't yet have a posse like this, go out and start finding them, and the best way to do that is to be them. Be someone to someone. It's that simple. 

P.S. Don't workout like the girls in the video...sweat and be stronger than the boys. 

P.P.S Or don't and do something you enjoy, because that is cool too!

with love and super powers, 


A note to my gals: No matter where you live, or what you are doing. Know that I love you and you have made my life better. 

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