Training Diary: Week 2

Monday: I feel like this is the beginning of our traditional training, last week was a good workout week, but I like sticking to a schedule, and this week that it was we are doing! Anyway, today has been a great day! I found out that I go the job that I really wanted (I will talk more about that below). Today I got to teach my circuits class! Which always makes me super happy! It is a great workout and time well spent with the family. 

Tuesday: We only had three miles on the schedule for the day, and bailey and I are really trying to do most of our running outside. Isabella had a field trip to the Newport Aquarium, so bailey and I decided to ride up with mom and enjoy explore the city! It was 55 degrees, which was perfect weather! We didn’t have a plan, we just went for it! It was ran all over God’s green earth and actually ended up putting in around 5 easy miles. We had some time to kill, so we ran in Bob Ronkers and hung out with the people who were working that day! Which was pretty fun. There is nothing better than talking to like minded runners! 

Wednesday: We don’t run on Wednesdays, it is a day we let our legs rest. We Bailey, Keller, McKenzie and I are doing a fun upper body workout at my family garage gym! We will jam out, do supersets, and lift heavy stuff! It is always a good time! I have really grown to love lifting weights, and no longer fear getting too “big” (another rant, for another blog). 

Thursday: Bailey and I did a quick 3 miler before the grass even dried at the place where I learned my love for distance; the Mason County XC course. It was really nostalgic to run there again, since it has been quite a while. As I was running it, I couldn’t help but share with Bailey some of the stories and runs that I had there. I still remember so many of our practices like they were yesterday. I still even remember the mile repeat times from specific workouts. I’m kind of a numbers person when it comes to running, I find myself counting a lot to pass the time. Every place on the course has so many memories. It’s funny, because Bailey started her long distance running there too. After our run we went back to the garage gym and did a nice leg day. I really enjoyed because it was my first one in around 3 weeks because of my back injury. The weight was low, but that is to be expected when you come back from an injury. I won’t be pushing the weight too much during training anyway, there isn’t much point in squatting 250 pounds when you are trying to run 24 miles on a training day. 

Friday: OFF day!!!! It was Isabella’s last day of school, so we hung out with here. It was so cute; it made me remember how excited I would get for summer break when I was her age. 

Saturday: More PERFECT weather in the AM for our 5 miler. Boo and I got up bright and early to get it over with. We ended up running a pretty good pace, and I can tell I am getting stronger. Which is good for me mentally. These first few weeks haven’t been easy for me. I told bailey that I feel like there is sand bags attached to me feet. I felt a little pep in my step today, which is good for the soul. You cant expect to always have good runs, but the good runs help you get through the bad ones. Tomorrow is our first double digit training session. Nothing like a 10 miler to kick off Sunday Funday! 

Sunday: Bailey and I got up at around 6:30 to get our long run in before church. We had a 10 miler, which is the first of many many double-digit long runs. We did it at the rec park. I know that sounds crazy, but there are a few reasons for this. 1. There is a water fountain, so we don’t have to carry water. 2. There is a porta-potty in case you have to go to the bathroom. 3. For some reason the loop gives me something to push towards every lap. When I am really tired, I just break it down into little pieces and I always feel like I am getting somewhere. 4. My Garmin Forerunner broke, so we don’t a good way to track our runs, so its easier to do routes we know until I bit the bullet and buy a new one. The run definitely didn’t go very well. Bailey and I were both having a lot of stomach trouble…but we put the miles in. That’s all that matters sometimes, just getting the miles. I swear long runs aren’t like anything else. They really do change your soul and what you think you are capable of. I don’t think I could train for these races without Bailey, it would be sad to experience all of this without her.  The rest of the day was perfect (I love Sunday!), I went to 3 graduation parties for three girls I am VERY proud of, and had an amazing church service. 


   1.     We bought some new mid-run fuel to try this week, which is really exciting! After going to the run shop, we found out some chews that are easier to eat, and wont bother our stomach as much (bailey and I have a really hard time eating while we run).

   2.     I GOT A JOB! I will be working at Toyota in Georgetown for a company called Premise Health. I am a Health and Fitness Specialist! I’m really excited to be able to work in corporate health, and be doing a job that I can utilize my education for. I am excited to meet all of my co-workers and to learn as much as I can! 

   3.     I also have to move out of my house and to a new town…which I have mixed feelings about (because I love living out in the country). My sister is actually moving out this week. There are a lot of changes happening all at once, but I am trying to embrace them and get excited about starting a new chapter in my life.

   4.     Even though I am moving, Bailey is coming with me! So we have just decided that it is one big ultra-marathon training adventure!

   5.     I think I am buying a new car! Which I am trying to get excited about, but I am just horrible with change, and it seems like everything is changing all at once. God is really testing my flexibility haha   

   6.     On my Saturday morning run, I saw my BFs granddad fishing down by the lake (we ran at the rec park). He is 91 years old and still sharp as a tack, and I have always admired the kind man that he is. The reason I bring this up is because one reason he is so healthy is because of how active he is. The man gets up at 6:00 every morning to walk, and has been doing it his whole life. Just goes to show you how important it is to stay active. If a 91-year-old man can exercise every day, and even teach the exercise classes at his senior living community, you don’t have much of an excuse. 

   7.     This week a lot of people I love did really amazing things, which makes me really really proud. So I want to tell you about some of them. 

a.     Isabella got the Language Arts Award, Reading Award, and Honor Role for her class. Which makes me so proud. That little chick is sharp, and it is cool to see her do so well.

b.     My little Jess graduated from high school!!! Jess is like me and Kel’s adopted teenage child, and I love her so much! I am really proud of her and I cant wait to see what she does with her life, because I really think she has a heart to help people. 

c.      Meghan did her first Olympic Distance triathlon, and kicked its butt! So proud of her for training like she is, and dedicating herself to a new sport. I can’t wait to watch her do her first ½ Ironman next month! 

d.     I know I talked about Kel moving out earlier, but I am really proud of her too. She is doing something that takes a lot of courage, and that’s not the easy road to take in life. She knows what her gifts are, and she knows why she is on this earth. That makes me really proud to be her sister. 

e.     I’m also really proud of Bailey, without going in to much detail, she has decided to take a harder path in life, and is leaning towards a career that will take a lot of work and schooling. I’m proud of her confidence in herself, and her decision to do something even though it will be harder. 

f.      Last one, I am proud of my parents (especially my momma). All of their girls are moving away, and somehow they are holding it together. I cant imagine what it feels like to let your children spread their wings, but I cannot be more thankful to my parents for really making me believe in myself. It really is powerful to give your kid’s confidence in themselves and who they want to be.  

   8.     I started watching Madmen, and was reminded how thankful I am to be a woman in this generation and not back then. Ohhhh the feminism that runs deep within me…

Long Run story of the week: This week during our long run, nothing was going smoothly. As you all know, I have a lot of stomach issues….and sometimes they like to really bother me during long runs. To keep it brief, this long run was hilariously awful for both me and Bailey (its always easier when you are both going through it). Well we were all but ready to give up when we ran past my high school XC coach, which is the man who coached me from 6th grade to 12th grade and I have more respect for him than most people in the world. I will tell anyone, he could coach any sport and have a successful team. Anyway, then me and Bailey had to speed up, because our subconscious couldn’t bare to let him down…darn you, coach! We both just looked at each other and started laughing. Some things will never change, especially the thought of disappointing your coach. 

*A picture of my High School Cross Country team

With love and distance,