Paleo Chorizo Sweet Potato Frittata With Caramelized Onion


Every single Monday morning I have gotten into the routine of planning our meals for the week. #wifelife I know this doesn’t sound fun to most people, but I love it! I love racking my brain for recipes, going on pinterest for inspiration, but mostly I just really love cooking for Logan. Eating different meals every night is a big change for both of us, since we have both been known to live off of eggs and protein shakes. It has been good for my soul to eat different foods every day, and being creative in the kitchen again has my brain going all the time. This recipe was originally supposed to be used as his breakfast for the week, but we ate it for dinner instead because of some impromptu soccer games. I mean come on; there was no way I was going to miss watching him play soccer just so I could make Mexican quinoa bowls.

This frittata recipe was delicious! With all of my food allergies (dairy, gluten, soy, rice) I have been cooking mostly paleo. Which has been really successful and honestly makes me feel really good. My stomach hasn’t been upset, my gut health has been good, and the food is so yum! This recipe uses the sweet potato as a crust for the frittata instead of some sort of grain, and the caramelized onions on top were heavenly! I can't wait for you to try it! 

With love and a happy tummy, 


P.S. This recipe is paleo and whole 30 approved!

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