Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice


Who doesn’t love Chinese take out? Fried rice is a staple in Americanized Chinese food, but there is seemingly no way that I can eat anything from a Chinese restaurant. I am allergic to both rice and soy and gluten. So…I can have nothing with Soy sauce, rice, or flour. Which makes this recipe seem like it would be impossible for someone with my issues to eat. WRONG! I have figured out great substitutions and healthy switches to make this both allergy friendly or “Blaine Proof” the term my loved ones have so lovingly coined the food I can eat.

Healthy Switch : We aren’t using actual rice! We are using riced Cauliflower! I promise the only difference you will notice your waistline getting smaller. WHOOP WHOOP

Allergy Switch: I have been doing research on what ingredients can be substituted for soy sauce. I found a product called coconut aminos! They also make a teriyaki sauce and a garlic sauce! The macros on these products are great and they can be easily substituted for soy sauce! So, this is great for anyone with a gluten or soy allergy.

These two switches are simple and you aren’t skipping out on any of the taste! This meal is also great for when you are super hungry, because of the low calorie foods that are in it, you can eat a larger portion with no guilt! 80% of your meal is veggies and you don’t even know it!

I encourage you to try this recipe, I have been eating it for years! 

With love and a happy tummy, 


Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice


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