Everything Chewy Granola Bars

Logan and I have been out of town a lot since we got married. Weekends, long weekends, weeks. Whatever way to flip it, we are go on a lot of road trips. Leaving a house that often isn’t always easy, and we are so fortunate to have really great neighbors. Like really great. They get our mail for us; they have even mowed the lawn and snow blown the driveway. They are honestly just the nicest people. So, as a small token of appreciation I thought making them some yummy food would be a good idea. I have been meaning to do this for a while, and I was going to make them cookies, but since it's January and I wouldn’t want someone sabotaging me with cookies, I decided to make some chewy granola bars. I added chocolate chips, but they are a little better than cookies and a great on the go breakfast, or pre-workout snack. The ingredients I chose made these bars gluten free and vegan. They would be a great option for the mommas out there who enjoy cooking, and don't enjoy all of the gunk that is put into snacks at the grocery store. 

Blaine MenkeComment