Double Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been researching a TON of different cookie recipes and today I decided to create something from the vast array of baking supplies I already have in my kitchen. Logan has been extremely sweet about the fact that I need every different type of flour known to man and that I need cute cupcake liners, plates, and other very fancy "cute" things so that I can make yummy recipes! As you can tell today, I am trying to work on my picture editing skills. So you get to enjoy a cookie elf, santa, and reindeer! Now...back to our regularly scheduled cookie making. These cookies are gluten, soy, dairy, grain, free and easily vegan. They boast a small amount of ingredients and they took about 25 minutes to whip up (including bake time!). If you love coconut then these are a great cookie for you. I personally do, and I had some left over from the coconut chicken nuggets that I made last week for dinner. Which I should have blogged about and taken pictures of....sometimes I am literally the worst blogger ever and I will make this insanely wonderful meal that I want to share with you, and then I forget to take pictures...I am trying to do better. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these cookies and try them out for your holiday season! 

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