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It’s been exactly one year since I wrote a blog post, the last one being Clarke’s Birth Story. To be honest, I have just been mommin’ so hard! I have just wanted to keep Clarke all to myself. She is a thriving 16 month old who is hilarious, brilliant, kind, and so affectionate (which is my favorite thing in the whole world). I love getting kisses all day, leg hugs while I am making lunch, and blowing me kisses is her love language. I really do just love who she is becoming.

What have we been up to?

Throughout the last year and a half my family has done a complete 180 with everything we have in our house. Its mind blowing to think about how far Logan and I have come since Clarke was born. This has been a slow-ish process for a few reasons.

  1. Its expensive to buy all new cleaning products, soaps. shower products, face care, and makeup (we are even very careful of where we buy our meat from, I can do a whole post on that later if you want). It makes no sense financially to throw everything away and start from scratch. But, if you can do that, then more power too you.

  2. Getting rid of that many products can cause a lot of waste, which also isn’t our goal, for a totally separate reason. #mothernatureisourfriend

  3. My favorite saying has become “You cant un-know what you know”. I have been doing so much research about cleaner, non-toxic, safer, products for my home and for all of us to use. This is the biggest kicker for me. Once I know certain information, I can’t ignore it. MY. BRAIN. WONT. LET. ME! It can be quite frustrating, but it also leads to change, and change for the better.

Did you know that a major federal law has not been passed in the beauty and personal care industry since 1938? Since then, over 80,000 ingredients have been introduced to this industry, 80% of which have not been tested on humans. I think that it’s easy to forget that our skin is our bodies largest organ, and what we put on and around our bodies does matter, and does have side effects.

This is why I decided to join Beauty Counter. I never thought I would be someone who would ever do something like this, BUT i have learned too much. I want you to know about the safer way that products can be made and used and actually work well! It is just something I don’t want to keep quite about anymore. I have found myself talking about it more and more in every day conversation, so why not represent a brand that I love?

Why do I love Beauty Counter?

  1. They are advocating for federal laws. They are trying to make true changes in the whole industry. They not only hold themselves to high standards, but they want others to be held to those standards as well.

  2. Beauty Counter’s Never List includes over 1500 of the most harmful ingredients ingredients. The US only currently bans 30 of these.

  3. They are transparent about what is in their products. Every ingredient is listed on the box or you can find them on their website.

  4. Their products are AMAZING. They aren’t just safe, they work. I was convinced to become a consultant after I used just a few of their products. I have been searching for safe makeup and skincare (that works) for a while now, and I found it!

  5. They have products for my whole family. They have a mens line (Counter Man), and a baby and children’s line of skincare and body products that are safe and that I can trust on the people I love.

  6. They offer you the opportunity to educate the people you love, and also make some dang money! Lets be honest. Thats pretty awesome.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM or email me, and I would be glad to help and provide resources! If you want to become part of this amazing mission and a part of my team, I can make that happen too! There are also opportunities to have parties both in person or through Facebook and get tons of free and discounted products!

If you just want to shop! Here is a link to their website using my link (so I get the referral credit if you buy something!)

Some of my Favorite Products:

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette-Classic

Color Intense Lipstick- Boardwalk (warm nude color) *Has the most pleasant peppermint smell

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask- felt like magic on my skin. No joke.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

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