Miss Clarke: Week 23


How I feel physically: I had a pretty decent week until Thursday morning and I woke up with HORRIBLE rib pain, I am thinking I had a rib out of place from sleeping weird. I have dealt with having ribs out of place since high school and this time it was really bad. I worked from bed most of the day (aside from teaching some workout classes (which was hard, haha) and some work meetings. I woke up the next day feeling a lot better and I'm not complaining, just being honest. I feel like the rest of my pregnancy has been seemingly normal aches and pains...but this is supposed to be honest, so here I am. I had a really bad few days. I am good at accepting pain and dealing with it, but it does suck at the same time. 

How I feel Mentally: I feel really great most days. I don't feel moody or sad or anything. I actually already feel like i'm nesting a little bit. I just want everything to be clean and nice and organized and I'm just getting myself ready to be a momma! I wake up every morning and listen to a sermon from the Southland church podcast while i'm getting ready for the day. I have been listening to pretty much only christian music lately. I think I just want her to hear only happy and meaningful words while she is baking away in there. I just feel so inspired to be the best I can be for her and I am preparing myself mentally for that. Even with my work, I just feel so focused and determined to make everything work with being her mom and helping people be healthy. 

Happy of the week: There are just too many! I think my favorite was the fact that I got to celebrate Mother's Day. Or at least everyone celebrated me, which was just the coolest thing. Logan was the MVP of the day though and just made me feel so special and loved. I cried multiple times, lets just put it that way. We also got to spend the whole weekend in Dexter, which we hardly ever get to do! I feel like we are always traveling, so it's really nice to get things done in our own house and enjoy the cool things Ann Arbor has to offer. The weather was nice so we went to a restaurant to eat outside and I feel like we just got to enjoy each others company, which is always just a really wonderful thing. 

CRAVINGS: I pretty much solely crave lemonade. Which I have quit buying because of all of the sugar in the store bought kind. I am just going to start making homemade flavors and I am really really excited about it. Oh yeah, and I craved pancakes this weekend, which I remedied for my Mother's Day brunch after church. Logan offered to take me out, but all I wanted was fancy pancakes, and I knew that only I could fulfill my wish haha

Things for Clarke: We picked out the paint color for her nursery this week, which I am so excited about! I will probably talk about her nursery every week because I am just ready to start it and get it going! I also bought maternity clothes this week because Clarke is making mommy grow! I am teaching quite a few workout classes a week and I was in desperate need for some more maternity yoga pants and some workout shirts and a few other things, so I finally broke down and bought myself some new clothes. It was mostly basic stuff and things I can use no matter what season I get pregnant in (in the future). Oh yeah, I also got her a onesie that says "The Snuggle is Real" because how cute is that? OH yeah, and Logan got me a pregnancy pillow to sleep with! It might be the best invention ever! I have only had it for 3 days and its already a life saver! 

Favorite Dinner: There were literally too many good diners to choose from this week. One night I made His/Hers pizza. I use this awesome paleo crust that I am obsessed with and then we just add toppings! Logan and I grilled out on Saturday night and made Dijon salmon, roasted some brussel sprouts and potatoes and made cauliflower mash. It was SO GOOD!  I also made the most yummy gluten free pancakes ever as mentioned above with homemade blueberry reduction and fresh strawberries. 

Workouts: Well...I started off the week great and then had a minor hiccup on Thursday so I took an unexpected day off from my workouts, which really annoys me, but I guess is something I just can't help. Other than that, It was a good workout week. I do wish I would have had 1-2 more high intensity days/ weight training days but my week got thrown off. OH YEAH, and the hubs and I have started going to the gym at around 6 AM to get workouts in and to have the rest of the day be productive! Which is awesome, and I pass out by 10:00 every night haha

Monday: I got up at the butt crack of dawn and walked for 35 min on the treadmill and did 15-20 minutes of abs. *All pregnancy safe

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 50 minute walk 

Thursday: Woke up early and did 20 minute treadmill walk plus back day in the weight room. Trying to keep my posture good while my center of gravity changes. 

Friday: OFF because of bad rib issue. 

Saturday: OFF just being cautious. Although I did get my 10,000 steps in because I cleaned the house for a good 4 hours! So, I was still exhausted by the end of the day. 

Sunday: 1 hour walk with the hubs and the puppies for Mother's Day! 

Thoughts on the week: It was a great week, even with my stupid rib problems. I feel so loved by my baby daddy and our whole family and I ended the week feeling so blessed and supported through his love. Not to mention, I got to celebrate my sweet momma, which is always awesome. 

Weight Gain: I honestly didn't weight myself. I would assume that the weight gain is still normal. I will check back with you on that next week!