Miss Clarke: Week 27


How I feel Physically: I feel the same. Same rib pain. Im sure you are tired of hearing about it. So...ill just leave that there. I am more tired this week, but hopefully that will get better once I get back on my sleeping schedule and back into my routine. I am really really thankful that the babe is growing and doing what she is supposed to. I am so ready to love on her. 

How I feel Mentally: I feel a little restless. I am nearing the end, but not really. haha I hopefully still have a few months of baby cooking, but I am really ready to feel like myself again. I hate laying on the couch and feeling exhausted all the time and I am starting to day dream about running ultra marathons and about doing crossfit. I don't mean to sound selfish. Because I really love my bump, but I am ready to snuggle and be her momma. Oh yeah...and I cut my own hair this week...so maybe I am starting to go a little crazy (it looks good though) haha


Happy of the Week: SO many happies! I got to spend most of the week with my mom and it felt so good to get some stuff done for Clarke. I feel like we are so behind and it is stressing me out a little bit (just a little)...we had another doc appointment and everything is still going great with babe! She has also decided to kick it up a notch with her kicks this week and a few of them actually kind of hurt and I wasn't expecting them! haha Also: all of the baby shower planning is coming together, and it makes me feel really loved by everyone who is doing special things for me. 


Cravings: This week I didn't have any cravings, actually the opposite. Everything made me kind of want to gag. Even as I am typing this...I am annoyed at how often I am hungry, but how nothing really sounds good. It's a very annoying situation to be in. So, I guess you could say my cravings are water and gum. Because I am starting to feel a little swollen sometimes, so water is how I am combating that...and I just like the minty-ness to gum lately. 

Things for Clarke: I think it is safe to say that Clarke was pretty much the main focus this week. My mom stayed for an extra three days to help with her nursery! So...we spent most of the week cleaning out her room, organizing her closet, moving all of her stuff into her room, buying fabric for my mom to make fun stuff for her room and all kinds of other stuff. It was pretty fun, and a glimpse at what my life is going to start being like! haha

Favorite Dinner: I made a yummy stuffed bell pepper recipe that was super simple! Logan loves peppers and I honestly don't like them very much at all! haha I ate the filling out of them and didn't even eat the pepper...haha But the filling was really good and yummy! 


Workouts: I felt super exhausted every single day this week. I didn't feel motivated to exercise hard (or do much of anything really). I think my body was just in vacation mode and was struggling with getting back on schedule. I was staying up later than usual, with really messed me up and the schedule I have been getting really used being in. 

Monday: 30 min walk with momma, Isabella and the puppies. Plus 3 hours of shopping for baby stuff and house stuff (which doesn't seem like a big deal, but my feet were killing me and I was worn out) haha

Tuesday: Not a conventional workout, but I was dripping sweat. We cleaned out Clarke's nursery, which had pretty much become out junk room/office and we had to take everything up and down 2 flights of steps. We worked for like 2-3 hours and I was hurting! hahaI felt like that was exercise enough for the day! haha

Wednesday: 30 min walk with the puppies, Isabella, Bailey and Andie! I really like going on walks with everyone! I think the puppies like it too! 

Thursday: 25 min walk + rest. 

Friday: I did a full body circuit + 45 min stretching/yoga + 1 hour night walk with puppies and baby daddy around town. 


Saturday: 30 min AM walk with the puppies and Logan before it got to hot for them. 

Sunday: LAZY LAZY LAZY. After church and lunch I plopped myself on the couch and watched TV until it was time for youth group. It was like 90 degrees outside and Clarke just wasn't feeling the weather! haha

Thoughts of the week: I wish I would have been more active. I was really good about my food intake (except for Sunday afternoon, I was craving all of the PB). I just hate that I let a whole week go by without really doing much strength work. I am giving myself a lot of grace during pregnancy, but I felt yuck this week. 

Weight Gain: at 27 + 2 I am at around 18 pound weight gain. 

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