Miss Clarke: Week 28

How I feel Physically: I feel like the third trimester is going to kick my butt. This week everything just got worse/I feel a lot more pregnant. Not only is my rib pain there, but I feel like it's a job to just walk up the steps. I am also all of a sudden a lot more hungry. On Monday I threw up because I couldn't get something in my stomach fast enough...what kind of sick joke is that? haha...so the nausea is back and I think it is probably here to stay. On the bright side, I killed my workouts this week! 

How I feel Mentally: Anyone who knows me knows that I am super competitive, and I just cannot help it. I blame Brian Menke. Anyway, I have really missed doing physically competitive things while I am pregnant, and I found a way to remedy that this week! I joined fitbit challenges, and it has really been motivational for me! I also noticed this week that I was dealing with some weird moodiness and did not like it one bit, so I made a conscious effort to get rib of it. I just wake up, go on a walk and listen to a sermon. It gets my mind in a great place to start my day and it pretty much completely remedies my moods haha. Finally, I feel really empowered, even though i feel like my body is slowly but surely betraying me...my mind is getting into training mode! haha I am starting to envision labor and delivery and being tough and all that good stuff. I am psyching myself up for it all. 

Happy of the Week: The week was pretty normal, other than the fact that I was really looking forward to my fitbit challenges every day, which was new this week. Other happy things: Logan and I are starting to explore Ann Arbor more, which is really fun. I moved here when it was already kind of cold outside, so it is really fun to explore the fun city we live in. It is also really fun to date your husband. I just love being with him, and being a team. We hung out with some great friends and listened to great music at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, and then went to a cookout with friends on Sunday evening. It was a solid weekend in Ann Arbor, and I am going to enjoy as much of those as possible! Oh yeah, and on Friday night Logan and I went to see Wonder Woman and I am obsessed! It might be my all time favorite super hero movie now. I thought it was done perfectly. If you haven't seen it, you totally should go! 

CRAVINGS: Let's see here...I am not craving food as much as drinks again. I am honestly having a hard time feeding myself as much as I need to. I am so hungry all of the time, and nothings really sounds that good. What I have been craving is Zevia, Izze Fruit Fusions, and a drink called Lemon Lemon. Logan and I have both been on this kick where we are liking fruity carbonated drinks...so thats what we have been drinking. All of the drinks are free of artificial sugar and pretty low in normal sugar well. 

Things for Clarke: At this point it seems like there doesn't go a week without her getting something. She is already so spoiled its not funny. My mom is working really hard on her nursery from KY and sending me pictures of stuff all of the time. Clarke also got her first books this week! Our sweet friends, Alex and Hanna got her the two cutest books. Hanna got me a Madeline book because it is all about girl power, which made me super happy and gave me all the feels. 

Favorite Dinner: I made some good dinners this week, like my classes Pizza Bake and some other easy staple dinners like tacos and baked spaghetti, but my favorite dinner of the week was when we went out to eat! Logan and I went to a place he really likes called the Black Pearl in Ann Arbor. We ordered some shrimp guacamole for an appetizer and it was BOMB! Then I ordered some roasted chicken, chile seasoned kale, and some fingerling potatoes. It was SO good! I don't usually order chicken when we go out to eat, but this roasted chicken had been brined beforehand and it was cooked perfectly! Logan went on the lighter side and got a great looking Asian Salad. Definitely a win for dinner. 

Workouts: I worked really hard this week to be active. This week I joined Fitbit challenges with my mom, sister, Logan and a few close friends and it has really motivated me to be getting my steps in and be active during the day. I honestly didn't think that walking 4-6 miles a day would exhaust me, but it kind of does. I am proud of myself for getting up early in the AM and getting my workouts in and being proactive. I have enjoyed my morning walks, I usually just make a few phone calls and listen to a sermon from Southland Christian Church and get my mind right for the day. It felt good to get back on somewhat of a schedule after feeling 'off' for about a week and a half. I will admit though, my feet and hips hurt a little bit. It has gotten a lot hotter in MI over the past week and I experienced my feet and hands swelling for the first time since I have gotten pregnant. Lovely lovely side effects! haha

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 35 minute walk with the puppies and my little fam + 40 minute full body circuit with workout class.  + 35 minute afternoon walk with puppies + 15 min walk by myself before bed. Exhausted by the time I went to bed. The circuit was: Squat with leg lift (20 reps), Elbow plank with twist (20 reps), Modified push-up with leg lift, split squat with lift (20 reps), marching glue bridge (20 reps), bird dog (20 reps), speed skaters (20 reps) and repeat that circuit 3X through. 

Wednesday: 55 min walk with puppies in the AM + 20 min walk before dinner

Thursday: 1:05 minute walk with puppies + 30 min circuit with class + 35 min evening walk with the whole fam. The circuit was every exercise for 30 seconds/repeat all three mini circuits 3X through. Circuit 1: plyo power knees, power jacks, sumo squat on tip toe, split squat. Circuit 2: Mountain climbers, V-up (I didnt do that move), windshield wipers, side plank pulse. Circuit 3: single leg dips, push-ups, elbow plank push-ups. 

Friday: 90 min walk in the AM with Zo + 60 min treadmill walk in the afternoon. 

Saturday: Logan and I went to the gym in the AM and I did some lower body and back circuits at the gym with the kettle bell + 25 min walk on the treadmill. Then we went on another 35 min walk in the evening with the puppies. 

Sunday: 1 hour hike with the fam after church and lunch to celebrate Father's Day! 

Thoughts of the week: The third trimester is going to be hard. I can already tell and it just started. I am starting to deal with symptoms from the first trimester again, like being nauseous and I really had to give myself a reality check this week when I noticed I was getting moody for no good reason. I really don't like the way that feels and I would say that is the most annoying thing about being pregnant. I like to be in control of my emotions and sometimes I do not feel in control. I also dealt with pretty major swelling for the first time in pregnancy. It has started to get really hot for the summer and I notice on morning walks that my fingers get pretty swollen. I am drinking a ton of water, but I think its hard to completely avoid. I have also noticed that my feet are getting swollen when I sit for too long, so I have to be really aware of that too. 

Weight Gain: I just keep steadily gaining weight. I didn't weight myself this week, but I'm not the least bit worried about it.  I have been super active and really diligent in my workouts, I know that will help me bounce back after Clarke is here. All just part of baking that baby! haha


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