Miss Clarke: Week 29

How I Feel Physically: I have been pretty frustrated this week. Not going to lie. I felt so invigorated last week when I was walking so much and taking charge of my body, and this week my body just laughed at me. I have a few new issues that really slowed me down. Which was really frustrating. Not only that...my ribs are just as bad as ever. This last 10 weeks is going to be a somethin' else! haha On a positive note: Clarke has started really ramping up her kicks! It is so cool! She currently loves my ribs and hip bones. I feel like she is really spread out in there, just relaxing and getting comfortable (hopefully not too comfortable). 

How I Feel Mentally: Frustrated. I feel so exhausted from being in pain 24/7 with my ribs and now I am dealing with my hip being messed up and I am just annoyed. I don't like when my body tells me to slow down. I like being in charge, it empowers me to be strong mentally when I feel physically strong (FYI why I run ultra marathons)...anyway...I do feel really empowered with work stuff and I am SO thankful for Kiley (my Misses Ambitious co-host/pretty much my office mate with how much we are on google hangouts), we are constantly brainstorming and making sure we are thinking of new ideas to grow our business! We have big dreams, Y'all and I am pumped to keep working towards them. Oh yeah, and I have officially started nesting. Like real real bad. 

Happy of the Week: Lot's of happiness even though I have been complaining for like over 1/2 of this blog. SO...sorry. 1. We finally started the nursery!!! Logan started working on the walls and the whole room is cleaned out! 2. I washed all of the baby clothes/blankets/sheets we have at the house in Dreft and organized them all and hung them up! Which just feels really good. We have 3 baby showers in a row coming up, so I wanted to get everything taken care I could before we started getting more stuff. Also: Logan and I went to the Jon Bellion concert, which was my last birthday present for him! We had a blast, and we both love love love Jon Bellion's music. Also: Logan could not believe how the teenagers were dressed...he was appalled...and it made me laugh. Already turning into a dad. 

CRAVINGS: mostly just fruit. I am loving peached and red grapes this week. We went to Costco and got 5 lbs of peaches and 4 lbs of grapes (insert laughing emoji), that equals a lot of fruit and I will have no problem eating it throughout the day. 

Things for Clarke: LOL what isn't about Clarke these days? Her registry is quickly having things bought (which Logan and I are so thankful for), my momma is completely making every single thing for her nursery and it is going to be EPIC and completely one of a kind, because any of you who knows my mom, knows that she is just the best with decorating and making fun stuff! Oh yeah, her personalized crib sheet came in this week, which is just so cute! 

Just a little sneak peak of the nursery color inspirations and some of the fabric we are using! 

Just a little sneak peak of the nursery color inspirations and some of the fabric we are using! 

Favorite Dinner: It wasn't one I cooked. Logan and I randomly decided to go to Aubrees (place to eat near our house), and I had an AWESOME shaved brussel sprout salad with grilled chicken and cherry tomatos and a honey mustard dressing. I wanted something fresh and healthy and it was so filling. I really enjoyed it. Oh, and I made some awesome applesauce gluten free and paleo friendly breakfast bread (or all day bread for me)! You can see the recipe HERE

Workouts: Well...as you can read, it was a frustrating week. After such a great week last week, I was feeling really excited to tackle the third trimester and this week my body just laughed in my face. I know that this is temporary, but it is frustrating for me to feel so limited. Not only in my workouts, but it hurts to do everything. My nerve pain in my ribs is horrible, and I'm walking around with a gimp leg...not trying to complain. Just being real. real real. Sometimes you have a bad week, it wouldn't be fair to act like it was all rainbows and unicorns. Even though....not going to lie, there are still plenty of happy things to be grateful for. 

Monday: 35 min walk + tons of cleaning. Hip hurt really bad, so I didn't get a very long walk in. 

Tuesday: OFF to try to let hip heal. I usually do a circuit this day, but my husband said to chill out, so I listened and was chill all day as far as exercise goes. 

Wednesday: 60 min walk with puppies. Hip was still hurting even after a rest day. 

Thursday: 35 min walk that was mostly a limp...hip hurt really bad. 

Friday: 35 min walk with the whole fam and had to cut the walk short because my hip hurt and Logan didn't want it to get worse. 

Saturday: 20 min hip stretching + 30 min BOSU ball lower body workout + 35 min Elliptical (I was testing to see if that would be better than walking on the treadmill...don't know that it actually was) haha

Sunday: 45 min hip rehab and stretching. 

Thoughts of the Week: Well...if you have gotten this far you can see that I have been a little frustrated this week. BUT...I also feel accomplished and on a mission. Getting the nursery started was a WIN and getting things finalized for her is pretty dang exciting as well! 

Weight Gain: at 29 weeks + 5 days I have officially gained around 21-22 lbs...and ill just leave that there. haha I honestly am not bothered and I'm not really very concerned. My body is doing what it needs to do to support the baby and I am being healthy and as active as possible! So...no worries on this end. 

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