Miss Clarke: Week 30

How I feel Physically: Well...when you read below you will see that I didn't feel too good physically. My rib pain has been extremely bad and my hip pain has been more annoying than anything else. I went to the massage therapist and it was pretty helpful for my hips. She worked on my ribs for most of the hour and seems to be pretty certain that I have a pinched nerve in my spine causing all of the nerve pain in my ribs...woohoo! In conjunction with my massage therapist (who I am going to go to regularly for the rest of my pregnancy), I also have the bomb.com BFF, Sydney, who is giving me tons of good advice, and a chiropractor! If all else fails...you guys will only be hearing me complain for like 7-10 more weeks! haha

How I feel Mentally: Sometimes I feel like a big ole bag of emotions and other times I feel like Wonder Woman. I seem to very easily over taken by my emotions very quickly these days. But, not always in a bad day. I have just been feeling really thankful for my momma lately and for all of the people who love on our family so much. Then the next minute I cry because Im sick of being in pain 98% of the day. Then I pull myself back up and deal with it, because I don't have a choice. Also, I am super excited about some things Kiley and I have been working on for he podcast! It is going to be EPIC!  Also: I just thought I would share these throwback pics of 17 year old Kiley and Blaine! This was from a night we all went to watch Miss KY together! Who could have known where we would have ended up? 

Happy of the Week: My sweet and wonderful in-laws threw me an awesome baby shower this weekend! it was so fun to see everyone and to spoil Clarke and eat yummy food. It was a really happy day. Not only that, but my momma came and my Bailey Boo surprised me!! It was perfect, I needed some Bailey lovin' in my life! We got SOO many precious gifts from everyone, and we got some of our bog important things too, which made this momma feel better haha. Other happy of the week: I have become obsessed with a few new skincare lines!! I am going to wait a little longer before I do reviews, but OHMMGGG I am loving them! My skin has really needed some TLC lately, and these products are amazing! Oh yeah, and one last thing, I got to hang out with all of my fav little girls this weekend! All of our nieces and nephews are so fun and I LOVE getting to spend time with them and enjoy how amazing all of them are. 

CRAVINGS: Honestly, I haven't been having any particular cravings. Just really hungry in general. Like all the time. If I don't eat I feel really sick really fast, so I'm just trying to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Things for Clarke: LOLOLOL this child does not have any idea how much she is already loved. She is the center of attention and we haven't even met her yet. This week, since she had a baby shower, she got tons of stuff. She is now the proud owner of a Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System in Genesis (or Black), A black and tan Ergobaby 4 position carrier, her diaper backpack (which I am obsessed with and got in Navy Blue with gold zippers), tons of cute books from Aunt Katie, and clothes, toys, and special homemade quilts and afghans from her great grandmas, which was so special and will be so neat for her to have. Not to mention some other fun stuff, like baby sunglasses and a bottle warmer! 

I was living my best life testing this stroller out! haha

I was living my best life testing this stroller out! haha

Favorite Dinner: I would say it was my baby shower dinner. Logan's mom always makes me special stuff and it is always so good! Turkey burgers and blaine proof sugar cookies with mango lemonade! Hit the spot for like 3 meals straight over the long weekend! 

Workouts: The workouts are pretty null and void this week. My body needed a break. For real. I just knew it did. I have been feeling so bad. I am not one to make excuses for myself, but in this case, I don't see it as making an excuse, I see it as giving myself GRACE. My body has been really hard on me during this pregnancy, and I have fought through most of it, because that is what I have always done, but this week, I just felt like I should love on it a little and relax. 

Monday: OFF (hip/rib pain)

Tuesday: Lower body circuit/35 min walk with workout class/35 min walk with Logan and pups

Wednesday: went to massage therapist

Thursday: 40 min hip stretches

Friday: OFF

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

Thoughts of the week: It was a great week full of family time, it was exhausting, because I am super pregnant (or at least feel that way). It was painful and emotional, but whats new? I also felt blessed beyond what I deserve. This baby is going to bring so much joy into my life and I cannot wait to meet her sweet face. She is already so perfect to me. 

Weight Gain: I have gained right around 23-24lbs weighting myself on 30+5 and this morning at 31+3. Lately my weight has been a little harder to track due to a common problem in the third trimester...AKA not being able to go potty haha

With love,


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