Miss Clarke: Week 33

How I feel Physically: I honestly just want to write LOL in this paragraph this week. I had a rough week. Mostly because I didn't give myself enough rest. I was really active this week. Whether I was just going to the Art fair or cleaning the house or menial tasks, I just didn't allow myself to rest, so I feel like my rib pain was just compounded all week. Which is my fault, but also miserable at the same time. Physical therapy has still been going well and improves the way I feel as long as I don't over due it. Meaning as long as I rest and don't do physical activity for 70% of my day! I will say it has been a blessing to be able to work from home during this process. I can move from room to room until I get comfy and that is what I really need sometimes in order to get things done. 

How I feel Mentally: I feel good most of the time. I am having trouble focusing on certain areas of my life because I feel like Clarke is taking over my brain a little. Nesting is definitely in full effect, but I also have pretty much everything for her done. Like everything. I made a goal months ago to have everything finished by the time I was 35 weeks along, and it looks like I will be able to easily accomplish that! Also: not going to lie, I am really ready for her to be here. I have spent a lot of time lately preparing my mind for labor. I am treating it like I am training for a race. I am nervous, but excited for the feeling you have when it is all over and you get to finally witness what you have been working so hard to achieve AKA my body has been working so hard to make. 

Happy of the Week: There are always a good amount of happies! 1. Logan's dad brought Clarke's crib and I am so excited that it is finally here and the nursery is finally finished! 2. I got to go the Ann Arbor Art fair! The first night I went with a sweet friend I hadn't seen in a while and we had a great time! Then the next night I went with Logan and his dad and uncle, which was fun too! Logan's dad bought a really cool wooden bowl. I really enjoy looking at all of the art and appreciating how long it takes people to get their shows together. I guess seeing what Bailey has to do and seeing it from behind the scenes helps me to appreciate it on a whole new level. 3. We also went to a place in AA called Tomukun, which is a Korean Barbecue place that Logan really likes. I honestly didn't eat much, but it was a really cool atmosphere! 4. Kiley and I redid my entire website!! So...when you get finished reading the blog, go explore!  All in all it was a great week. 

CRAVINGS: NONE. I have survived on corn tortillas with PB and strawberry Jelly in them. Nothing sounds good to me at all. I pretty much just force food down because I have to. It's a lovely feeling when you are hungry all the time, but are grossed out by everything. 

Things for Clarke: Her crib is here!! Thanks to Logan's sister and brother and law for our pretty white crib! Her room is complete! She also may or may not have gotten a few outfits from nana this week too....because it is so hard not to buy a baby girl clothes! This week all I have wanted to do is shop for her. I am pretty good at containing myself, but it is hard! I want all of the bows and all of the dresses. Plus, all of the fall clothes are coming out and they are all so cute. 

Favorite Dinner: We went to an Italian restaurant (I forgot the name haha #pregnancy brain), and the atmosphere was really cool. We sat up on the roof and there was live music playing and the food was good! I had a mixed grill of salmon, shrimp and scallops with grilled veggies on the side. 

Workouts: I honestly didn't even realize that I got in some activity almost every day until I was writing this blog. I don't know how I did it because I felt pretty bad this week. My ribs were so miserable. I honestly think it's because I didn't rest enough. With all of that being said. I am still glad I was active most days.

Monday: 60 minutes physical therapy

Tuesday: 30 min PM walk with the fam

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 80 min walk with a friend and it was HOT as crap...honestly made me feel pretty rough. 

Friday: 75 minute PT in the morning and a 30 min walk

Saturday: 25 min walk and had a real rough day. 

Sunday: 25 min walk and rested most of the day, which I really needed. I was so exhausted I could barely move. The rest made me feel so much better, I was so exhausted from the previous few days that I had to just be still. 

Thoughts of the week: This was a hard week. I am starting to get mad from being in pain and I am just over it. I am ready for her to be here, so I can love on her and start to feel better. I know everyone will tell me it's really hard when they are here, and i'm sure it will be. But, what I am dealing with now is pretty horrible and it is frustrating to not feel like myself and to physically not be able to do much. I day dream about running ultra marathons or even going a day where sitting in a chair doesn't make me want to cry. Also: pregnancy pet peeve of mine...don't ask a pregnant person how they are feeling unless you really want to know. I laugh sometimes when people ask me because they assume I will give them the cheesy answer and I cannot help myself from laughing...I keep it to myself 95% of the time. But just an FYI, come up with another question if you don't really want to hear the answer. 

Weight Gain: At 33+5 I have officially gained 25lbs. That's all I have to say about that. 


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