Miss Clarke: Week 32

Photo Credit to Tori Menke Photography. 

Photo Credit to Tori Menke Photography. 

How I Feel Physically: I have good days and bad days. I think physical therapy has helped a little and its only been a week, so I am hopeful that it keeps improving. I have had no hip pain this week, so I am going to rev up the walking a little during week 33 to see how it goes! 

How I Feel Mentally: Great this week. Especially since my physical therapist seemed to believe that my nerve pain/rib pain will go away for the most part, after I have the baby and do therapy. I think that just gave me a lot of peace and has helped me cope with it a little more. Just knowing that I won't have to be like this forever makes me feel like I can deal with it better now. 

Happy of the Week: There are so many happy things this week! I am just going to number them! 

1. We went to a program at the hospital called "Meet the midwives" and it was AWESOME! So much good information and after the little class, we got to tour the hospital where Clarke will be born, and it was so nice. It just felt good to know exactly where we would be going and have visuals in our brains. 

2. I started Physical Therapy this week! They were so thorough and helpful and awesome and if you can't tell, I am just really glad to be being proactive in feeling better and to be assured that the problems I am having can be fixed after the baby is here and at least improved while I'm still pregnant. YAY for manual physical therapy and shout out to Syd for being so awesome and helpful, even from Texas. 

3. My awesome husband got the nursery painted this week so when my mom got here in Friday we would get to work and get that baby looking awesome and boy does it look awesome! It was so fun to see my vision and  my moms combine into such a cool room! I cannot wait to tell you all about all of the happy little parts of it and do a full blog post once the crib arrives. For now, I will give you a sneak peak! 

4. Our final baby shower was this weekend and it was perfect! Our awesome church family threw us a beautiful shower and it was so perfect and special. The coolest thing for me was that we have all kinds of guys from Logan's previous youth groups there and even their moms. It made me really proud to be his wife because he has impacted so many of their lives, I mean he had to of for them to come to baby shower! haha Also: in case Karen and Cathy read this, you two are just the coolest women, and I feel so blessed to have you in my life and in our life to love on us! 

5. Maternity pictures are now checked off the to-do list too! My momma got the camera out for a quick session and they turned out great! We took some in the nursery and some in the woods behind my house! I lol at how nonchalant my mom and I make photoshoots these days haha     P.S. these pics were actually taken when I was 33 weeks prego...

Photo Credit to Tori Menke Photography  Mia really wanted to be in some of the pictures with her baby sister. Also: she has already claimed her chair haha

Photo Credit to Tori Menke Photography

Mia really wanted to be in some of the pictures with her baby sister. Also: she has already claimed her chair haha

CRAVINGS: I don't know if this is a craving, but this week I have smashed a whole back of Cape Cod Barbecue Kettle cooked chips...and it is what it is haha...also eating a peach every single day, sometimes two. 

Things for Clarke: I swear this part of the post is almost embarrassing to write these days, because this child so spoiled and hasn't even arrived yet! haha I will keep it brief this week, and I am going to do a whole post on all of the products/gadgets we chose and why we chose them... There are only a few more big things to purchase, because most things were bought for us at the showers, which was so wonderful, because this stuff is crazy expensive! The coolest thing about this week is that her Nursery is decorated!! The only thing left is the crib, which will be coming on Friday! I feel so much more ready for her now! Nesting is SOO real! 

Your sneak peak of the nursery Gallery Wall.  More to come next week! 

Your sneak peak of the nursery Gallery Wall.  More to come next week! 

Favorite Dinner: UMMM not a dinner, but a brunch! My baby shower food was so yummy! Karen and Cathy made most of the food Blaine proof and even made me special cupcakes. I could have cried! I ate: peaches and grapes (my current favorite fruits), a spinach salad with strawberries, chicken, and candied pecans with raspberry vinaigrette, with a cupcake and some sparkling strawberry lemonade! They also had some awesome looking french toast and frittatas (insert all of the heart eyes emojis here) 

Workouts: Still taking it pretty easy this week, but might try to ramp it up a little next week since physical therapy seems to be improving how I feel. I think I will at least try to walk every day next week and see if I can skip taking days off at least it that area. Also, I noticed that this week there is a whole new level of fatigue occurring when I exercise at all. haha AKA I actually took a few naps this week. 

Monday: OFF, we traveled the whole day back home from KY along with doctors appointments and we did a tour of the hospital and met all of the midwives! 

Tuesday: 35 min afternoon walk + 1st Physical Therapy appointment and did 45+ minutes of exercises and 30+ minutes of rib therapy. 

Wednesday: Technically off, but still walked 10,000 steps getting stuff done around the house. So, it didn't really feel like it! haha

Thursday: Lower body circuit + PT Exercises before bed 

Friday: 1.5 hours of physical therapy. Doesn't seem like much, but at this point in my pregnancy I had to go home and take a nap afterwards haha

Saturday: 10 min walk to warm up at the gym + 25 min PT exercises (on my own) + 30 min upper body/back weights

Sunday: We had church + Baby Shower + Nursery Shopping (to get the last few things) + finishing up nursery and I was literally barely able to walk by the end of the day! haha

Thoughts of the Week: I feel really freaking blessed. Starting physical therapy, my mom and Isabella coming down, getting the nursery finished, having our church family throw us an amazing shower full of love, and having a husband that just rocks makes life really good. This was a week full of happiness, even though it was super busy. 

Weight Gain: I didn't weight myself this week...completely forgot haha Im assuming it a pound of so more than last week haha (that seems to be the trend, even though I have read that you quit gaining weight at the very end...IDK)

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