Miss Clarke: Week 36

ALL the blurry pics this week. OH well. 

ALL the blurry pics this week. OH well. 


How I feel Physically: Worn out, but also I oddly have some sort of super hero energy. My mind is going a mile a minute thinking of all of the things that need to be done. So...no matter how much pain I am in, I just can't deal with certain things at this point. For example: the house has been cleaner this week. I think it is my constant fear/excitement of potentially going into labor. I don't want to go to the hospital with a dirty kitchen,  so it has been cleaned more often. Also, shout out to the real MVP for helping out, especially with dishes. I have been cooking more, but cleaning up right after about does me in! haha

How I feel Mentally: WELL. I am just going to give who ever is reading this a PSA: If someone is about to give birth to their first child (or any child), you should NEVER tell them about you horrific birth story. There is enough going through someones head when they are 37 weeks pregnant. No one needs your negativity. Okay? Especially if you have no prior relationship in any capacity with said very pregnant mother. Just keep it all to yourself and tell them they will do great! If you feel the need to share your story, share it with someone who will no longer be having any children. Other than that....it's been a rough-ish week. Went to my weekly appointment on Wednesday and got to see Clarke for the first time since I was 20 weeks. It was just the ultrasound machine in the office so it wasn't the best picture, but I could totally tell she has my nose and has some big lips! I swear I could have melted. It made me a little more anxious to meet her. 

Happy of the Week: 1. Logan and I went to a James Taylor concert this week with our friends Alex and Hanna and had a really good time. Big momma was struggling a little, but I am glad I went. James Taylor was pretty funny and kind of reminded me of my papaw. I loved hearing the stories behind all of his songs and how they came to be. 2. As I said above, I got to see my girl this week! It was so awesome to see her again. I missed her sweet face. I can't wait to actually hold her and love on her. 3. The weekend was so nice with the hubs. I just enjoy his being. We watched Jurassic World (it was pretty awesome), went to a festival in downtown Dexter, where we live, we went to church, worked on the house, slept in, checked things off our to-do list. It was just a solid weekend of togetherness. It doesn't take much to make me happy. 

CRAVINGS: ummm I have eaten Frosted Flakes a few times this week if we want to consider that a craving. 

Things for Clarke: She didn't get anything this week. Except for the fact that every single thing I do is for her at this point. I guess technically she did get a birthing ball, but that's it this week. I had to literally take clothes out of her closet to store them until she grew because her wardrobe is quickly becoming like her mommas and I couldn't even see what she had because there was so many outfits in there. haha

Favorite Dinner: HMMMM I think my favorite dinner this week was the Mongolian Beef and Broccoli I made this week. It was GREAT! I also made Zucchini bread using zucchini from the garden! I only made one loaf this week, but next week I am going to batch a bunch of it and freeze some for later. Also: I am going to start prepping for baby to get here and make meals for when she is here so we have food to eat that is healthy and good for us. 

Workouts: I was pretty pleased with myself this week as fas as workouts go. No, they aren't necessarily hard these days, but I am a little proud of myself for being active and getting my butt off the couch every day, even when I haven't felt good. I am just making it a priority to walk. It definitely helps that Michigan weather has been beautiful and around 65-70 degrees in the morning and evenings, so I can go on a walk and not be too uncomfortable. 

Monday: 40 min PM walk with the fam

Tuesday: 30 min AM walk + 90 min PT

Wednesday: 30 min treadmill walk + abs in gym

Thursday: 30 min AM walk with fam + AB exercises + PT movements

Friday: 90 min PT + 50 min walk with the puppies

Saturday: 50 min AM walk with the puppies

Sunday: OFF

Thoughts on the Week: I am in pain almost constantly, but there are still happy things and I feel so blessed to be able to carry my child and have a house for her to grow in. 

Weight Gain: I have gained about 28 lbs so far. Give or take a pound depending on the day. It feels real. I feel heavy. But I also feel really excited to start exercising after baby gets here and feel really motivated to eat healthy and i'm already getting my plan together for post baby. 

Blurry picture of me and Mia, but good grief she is precious. Just wants to hang out with momma ALL the time. She likes to lay on my preggo pillow with me and snuggle. I think everyone will be happy when the huge barrier is gone from our bed. 

Blurry picture of me and Mia, but good grief she is precious. Just wants to hang out with momma ALL the time. She likes to lay on my preggo pillow with me and snuggle. I think everyone will be happy when the huge barrier is gone from our bed. 

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