Misses Ambitious Podcast!

You can give Kiley all of the credit for the amazing graphics all throughout our website! 

You can give Kiley all of the credit for the amazing graphics all throughout our website! 

I promise I haven't forgotten about you!! I have just been working on a really exciting project! If you follow @msfitfood on instagram then you have already seen this announcement, but I want to  introduce everyone else, and give you more details about what I have going on in my little world! 

So...about a month ago I got a text from a great friend of mine out of the blue. Let me preface this by telling you that Kiley (KileyinKentucky if you want to follow her on social media) and I go way back to our early teenage years and have been talking to each other about our big dreams for a very long time. We have both recently jumped into the small business world because we are so passionate about what we love and using those gifts in a way we feel is important. Although our businesses are completely different, we have always been each others cheerleader. No matter how far away we live from each other, we have always found time to support the other, and to share both our frustrations and our wins. So...what I am getting at is, instead of us sharing all of the things we have learned along the way in private, we are going to start sharing them on our podcast! We could not be more excited about what we have planned and all of the great topics we find so easy to talk about. 


We know that we are in no way experts, but we want to learn with our listeners. We think it is important to follow your dreams no matter how silly they may seem to others, or how out of reach they may seem at the time. Kiley and I are officially the cheerleaders of your goals! Even if you don't have the dream of opening a small business this podcast will still benefit you. We will talk about how to stay confident in your vision, website design, how to network, what it's like to be uncomfortable and how to work through that, and so much more. Finally, we will be posting 2x per week, and giving away some really cool stuff from Kiley's shop! 

You can go listen to our first episode on here and read more about the podcast, some fun interview questions and get acquainted with how cute our website it!! 


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