5 Easy At-Home Workout moves!

If i'm ever in a rush to get a workout in, or I don't feel like going to the gym, I will make up a quick circuit to do at home. This saves me time, it allows me to workout in whatever big t-shirt I am currently wearing that isn't necessarily appropriate for public. It gets me sweating and I get a great workout in without having to interrupt my day too much. 

These are exercises that you don't have to have equipment for, but will utilize your body weight to give you the best workout. The kicker with all of these movements is that there are so many variations with each one that your workouts never have to get boring. 

1. My MVP exercise is the Jump squat. There are so many variations of this exercise and its a great way to get your glutes burning and a great way to get you out of breath. I am obsessed with this movement and if I do a circuit, this movement will find its way in there some way or another. 

2. The burpee. I remember when I used to hate them, and then one day I just got made that they are so hard and I decided to make them my best friend. It paid off. Like jump squats, there are so many variations and ways to make them harder or easier, so you can pick your poison according to what level you want to destroy your body that day! I also love this movement because its a full body movement and great for tiring every muscle in your body! 

3. Lunges. Lunges. Lunges. No joke you guys these will put some hair on your chest. Especially if you do them correctly and you do all of the many variations that are available to you. The possibilities are endless and you can really sculpt some beautiful legs. 

4. Push-ups are just the hardest thing when you are first starting to build strength in your upper body and core. The great thing about this movement is that you can modify until it is possible for you to perform safely. 

5. The plank. I think this is the most versatile core exercise and will literally never get boring. It is another full body movement that can create a total body workout.


If you can learn to utilize these 5 exercises and do them correctly, you will have an endless supply of workouts at your disposal. You will be surprised at how creative you can learn to be the more you put yourself in a certain mindset! Happy home workouts and challenge yourself to get that heart rate up. Take less breaks and take time for self care! It will make you a better business person, parent, and friend if you first take care of yourself! 

With love and many workouts, 



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