We Haven't Always Been #FitFriends

So let me start off by saying that I am so sorry I have been MIA for the last month. I promise you that I would much rather be writing blogs and talking about fun food than writing my Masters thesis and studying for my Exit exam. My solution to this problem was to have some of my favorite people do guest blogs and talk about their fitness journeys (I graduate really soon, and I can't wait to start writing again!)


I think we forget sometimes that the people we look up to and seem the most fit, started somewhere and have their own unique story as well. I started this blog because I wanted to inspire people to be the most healthy version of themselves in spite of their circumstances or past. Hopefully hearing stories from people I find inspiring will make you feel even more capable! 

Now, you might be wondering why the title of this blog is "We haven't always been #FitFriends". That is because once upon a time, Meghan and I were not friends at all. We went to high school together, and we were even on the same swim team and never uttered a word to each other. I am more than happy to say that Meghan is now one of my best friends in the whole world. She is much more than just an exercise partner, but someone who truly cares about my happiness and well-being. Which is not easy to find. Our friendship is special, because we pull everything out of each other and hold each other accountable, so that we can see our greatest potential. Lets just put it this way, if we plan on a 5AM workout, neither one of us is going to call in for ANY reason. I am very thankful that DP&L decided to put our desks right next to each other, they had no clue what kind of #goaldiggers that they put together. She is definitely a boss lady and someone I have so much respect for, but her journey hasn't been picture perfect either. 

So here is her story 

This post is serving two purposes. One of my best friends Blaine (y'all know her as Ms. Fit Food) asked me to write a guest post for her blog because she is crazy swamped being awesome and getting her masters. Some people are just over achievers. I thought it would also be a great opportunity to take the time and write the first post for my own blog.  I have been an avid reader of a number of fitness/health blogs (shutuprun, mealsandmiles, pbfingers, hungryrunnergirl are my favs)  for a LONG time and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to see if I have the creative juices it takes to become a blogger myself. 

           It is pretty fitting that Blaine asked me to write about my fitness journey because she is one person that truly inspired my journey. I don't think she knows this but she is the reason I registered and ran my first half marathon. You see, Blaine and I weren't exactly "friends" in high school. We ran in completely different circles and did not really speak to one another, even when we were on the same swim team. So when I saw that Blaine ran a half marathon (thanks Facebook) I was automatically like, "Well, if she can do that I sure as hell can too." So I did. I registered and ran the Flying Pig in 2013 in 2:05:42. From then on I was addicted. 

          I have to start over because I have been getting ahead of myself. When I was a kid I did ballet. Not the type of ballet where you wear a skirt and pretend to be a princess for an hour, jumping over stuffed animals and dancing to sing along tunes, serious ballet.

 I spent 5-6 days a week in the studio for anywhere from 1.5-4 hours attempting to perfect my technique so that one day I would be a principle dancer, something every young dancer aspires to. I loved ballet, for many many years. However, as I got older I started to realize my body didn't love ballet as much as I did. I am thin, but still "big" by ballet standards. I also spent more of my time on the sidelines due to injury than I did on stage. Something that made me resent my body very deeply. . During my junior year of high school I decided that it was time to severe ties with ballet. I was burned out and honestly just tired of being injured. My mom made me sign up for at least one school sport (Hello Swim Team!) but I never really took it seriously. 

          It was around this time that I started partying. I had never really had a social life due to ballet so when I had the chance I took every opportunity that was handed to me. This behavior continued in college (which is normal in some cases) and boy could I drink with the best of them. I never got myself into too much trouble, though I had some close calls and very embarrassing moments, and looking back I realize it is only because I got lucky that I didn't end up in jail or in a hospital bed. Don't get me wrong, I never let partying take over my life. I had a healthy balance of studying and partying and would often reward myself for doing well on a test by having a beer....... or twelve. Again, I know this is not unusual for college students but I was by no means a healthy girl. I think I went to the gym a total of 10 times throughout college and my workouts were less than optimal.          

  After college is when all that changed. I still continued to party but I got back into working out. I attended some group exercise classes and reintroduced myself to the elliptical. It was really once I found running that my whole life changed. I started to realize that there was more to life than staying out until 3AM every Friday and Saturday and feeling like crap the whole next day. I became content staying in on a Saturday night in order to get a long run in on Sunday. It actually made me happy. 


   At the end of the day running IS what helped me find happiness. It helped me love my body and accept myself. Most days, running is what keeps me from snapping on everyone that I work with. Running turns bad days into good days.  And after my first half in 2013, I was hooked.  I have run 6 half marathons and 1 full marathon (that's its own story), so far. My PR (personal record) for the half distance is 1:50:01.  I have a lofty goal to run a half marathon in every state. I have my whole life to complete it but I have already knocked out 5. Running = my happy place. 

Speaking of happy, I should take this time to mention that I am very blessed to have the best support system in the entire world, Adam. :)

 He came into my life in a very dark time and completely changed my world. He has supported me through every training cycle and cheered me on during 90% of my races. The other 10% he ran with me!!!!!  I am so thankful to have him. I would choose him over running any day and that is saying a lot!!!! 

Next on the agenda is a half Ironman....... dun dun dunnnnn!!!!!!! That too is its own story.


With so much love,

-B (and mostly Meghan) 


P.S. Love you, Meghan!! Thanks for being my first guest blogger and such an inspiring friend! 




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